West Georgia Dental Centre

Branding and Website

West Georgia Dental Centre (WGDC) is a dental health office located in downtown Vancouver, Canada. They service people of all ages and try to create a friendly environment for all their clients and guests.


The challenge was to create a brand that portrays the business’s core value, which is “Through good communication and strong rapport building, it is my goal to help make dental visits less stressful and  unpleasant and to help you achieve better oral and systemic health.”


The logo, mark, brand guidelines, and website were created for the brand. The whole design focuses on creating a friendly, unintimidating, and modern. Patients can trust from the branding that they are getting the right dental services for their needs.

WGDC’s Logos

Many logo options were sketched out and created for WGDC. The logo chosen has a trustworthy and modern approach. The business initial creates a dental care image with the combination of the W and G in the initial. The sparks included in the logo represents the clean atmosphere.

The first image shows the chosen sketch and the first created digital iteration.


WGDC wanted to make the logo look more flowy and organic.

The second image shows the final logo iteration created from the feedback.

The image display the logo in multiple orientations (full logo vertical, full logo horizontal, and logo mark) for different productions.


Brand Colors

Dark Gray

C67 M58 Y58 K40
R71 G73 B73
HEX #474949

Navy Blue

C96 M79 Y3 K0
R33 G78 B159
HEX #214e9f

Bright Blue

C65 M4 Y0 K0
R46 G188 B238
HEX #2ebcee

Light Blue

C19 M3 Y4 K0
R202 G227 B237
HEX #cae3ed

Light Gray

C9 M9 Y8 K0
R229 G224 B224
HEX #e5e0e0


The website was created to portray a clean, professional space with thorough details about dental care.

WGDC wants to display all their dental services to users and for users to easily contact them through many media, such as: form, phone call, email, and physical visits.

The website structure features the services in almost every page with page linking through terms/services for users to quickly find what they are looking for. The contact page can be found in the static navigation and almost every page has a call-to-action-buttons/banners.


Website Wireframe

WGDC Homepage
WGDC Services
WGDC Oral Health
WGDC Meet Our Dentist
WGDC First Visit

WGDC’s Website Service Icons

Working with West Georgia Dental Centre, each icon below were personally designed to represent each services and tips the business want to provide to their clients.