Endurance Health Tracker

Branding and UI

Endurance is a modern, easy-to-use fictional app that hooks users into maintaining and regulating a healthy lifestyle. It rewards users who create and follow their good habits to, in turn, break their bad habits. The app provides charts with tasks that users can maintain monthly. For each month, when the bar of the chart is filled, users earn a reward related to the finished task.


The challenges of this project were to create a logo, visual branding, and app ui design for Endurance Health Tracker that would motivate young adults and adults to trust and use their service.


The logo, visual branding, and app design experience that enable users to develop and keep up their good habits. Endurance has a simple but bold interface that helps users navigate through the interface. The app has simple icons for the functions and widgets. In addition, each function allows users to input a numerical amount or simply press to indicate that they have completed a task. Users have the choice of which tasks they would want to perform by managing widgets on their personal profile

Poster Print Ads

The poster design utilized the same elements from the app: lines with circle end point and fluid waves. The elements help keep the brand consistent throughout different productions.

Merchandises/ Products

The  label design use elements that are visible from the app and website. The circle presents the start of focal points like descriptions, uses, and dimension.

Endurance Phone App

Learn more about what went into the app UX and programming design from the designer, Yen Le, or try out the app on their website: